The Wanderer’s Studio – Workshop

20140731_122532Join me for the first workshop as part of the ‘Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne’ exhibition events programme

The Wanderer’s Drawing Studio – drawing workshop

Enter the magical world of the Wanderer’s drawing studio, work with the artist to discover how to ‘draw blind’ and how using projected images can add an intriguing layers to a drawing. An experimental drawing workshop with no set outcomes; come and play in the ‘Wanderer’s Drawing Studio’ and experiment with blind drawing, layering, shadows and projections. This workshop is for adults and children over 7.

Tuesday 28th October at Museum in the Park, Stroud

Free, drop in between 11am – 3.30pm

Today I have been packing a box of delights in preparation for this workshop: several of my many projectors, a huge box of various tangled and dried plants, easels, specially made drawing boards, tracing paper, lots of old 35mm slides and magic lantern slides. Along with artist Alison Cockcroft, I will be creating a magical, immersive environment full of playful drawing areas, ever changing projections, moving shadows and drying plant specimens.


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