Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne

As part of the Arts Council funded exhibition and events programme; ‘Gifts for Mother Mnemosyne’ that is just coming to a close, I ran a week of workshops at the Museum in the Park, Stroud. Aimed at adults and children, the workshops were drop-in so people could pop by for a quick creative fix or stay for a whole day if they wanted!

The first day of these workshops was called ‘The Wanderer’s Drawing Studio’ and referred to the character loosely referred to in my solo exhibition in the Gallery next door. The whole of the workshop room was transformed into a magical darkened space, with huge projections, intimate drawing areas, hundreds of plant samples to project with or draw, areas for shadow drawing and for tracing with chinagraph pencil on acetate. There were two ‘blind drawing’ booths in which people could experiment with the techniques I used in several drawings in the show next door.

20141028_115042 20141027_150514  20141028_123136 20141028_123141 20141028_125113 20141028_130348 20141028_150859 20141028_151345 20141028_152045 gfmm workshops (18) gfmm workshops (19) gfmm workshops (20) gfmm workshops (24)

The second series of workshops that week was ‘Reimagining Pluto’ in which I asked participants to look at an image of the front of a boat and imagine what the back might have looked like, developing ideas of failed memory, projection and imagination in relation to the exhibition and the idea of a wanderer. The incredibly varied and imaginative results informed the creation of a massive, 11 tonne rammed earth sculpture inspired by the original boat. This is now exhibited at the Goods Shed in Stroud, exhibited with the 120 clay boats from the workshops:

boat workshop boat2  20141029_133417 20141029_133052-1

boats1 boats2 boats3 boats4 boats5 boats6 pluto1 pluto3 pluto5 pluto7

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