Some of 2014

Happy New Year to you all! Here is a very small selection of some of the work made (and still being made) by my students at Stroud College:


Above: work in progress by Cath who is interpreting the term’s theme of ‘Still Life’ by looking at seeds.

Below: Ulla making a paperclay tree (some parts press moulded from plaster casts of twigs, some parts hand made) – far trickier and more time consuming than expected!

20140630_181330 20140630_182408 20140630_181335  20140728_175626

Above: Lindsay’s incredibly thin paperclay construction, made using bone dry 1-2mm thick sheets, scored and snapped like cardboard. Another labour of love using paperclay!

20140728_173342 20140728_175508

Above: Cath’s Matisse inspired stencil bowl and Steve’s fairy-tale woodland relief.

Below: Polly’s egg box casts, made with paperclay slip. Ready to be assembled into a lighting feature.

20141117_170245  20141215_180511

20141117_170403  20141117_171658

Above: Mike’s African figures and Caroline’s porcelain dipped dress.

Below: Rick contemplating his fabulous ‘bag of clay’ sculptures. I can’t wait to see how these forms develop and are exhibited.

20141215_171213  20141215_171545


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