Student focus – Simon


Simon started the course with me eager to experiment with materials and techniques, happy to create a body of work made up of tests, experiments and trial pieces. We talked about his interest in walking and the environment where he walks and he started to make work loosely linked to these ideas. Simon’s partner is a printmaker and his work had many parallels with printmaking (as ceramics does) in terms of methods and process. The pieces he made combined found natural materials such as rust, organic matter and ash with a tight process of limited and directed rolling of these powders into thin base sheets of porcelain.

20140623_175125 Photo0842

Mixing oxides with porcelain for initial tests. Experimenting with oxide covered threads.

20140721_175830 20140804_180849

Rolling thin sheets of porcelain, then rolling in the dry powdered oxide and ash, stretching the porcelain sheet and spreading the powder on the surface creating a sense of movement and direction.

20140721_175958 20140721_175939 20140721_175924 20140721_175910 20140721_175848 20140721_180138

Some quite beautiful results, reminiscent of  waves, tracks in sand, undulating landscapes and cloud forms. Simon kept the form of these pieces simple to focus on the surface.

Simon has now moved to Fishguard in Wales and he and Sue are in the process of setting up an artist’s retreat and workshop centre at ‘Penmeiddyn’, where I hope to run some outdoor casting workshops. more information to follow!


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