Paperclay magic

Another grey February day, another not-at-all grey paperclay masterclass at the New Brewery Arts… Who could fail to have their spirits lifted walking into the pottery at the Brewery Arts, past the work of artist in residence Helen Nottage who uses the rather magical paperclay!


The group this Spring was an inspiring mix of artists and craftspeople; art teachers, illustrators, textile artists and book makers. Hearing the participants introduce themselves at the very start of the workshop is such a positive way to start the two days of intense work, the varied backgrounds and huge amount of skill always impresses me and I start the workshop feeling excited to be working with these people!

Here is a taster of what was made over the two very intense but very creative days…

6 2

Carolyn working with paper-thin sheets of porcelain paperclay, creating one of her books.

3 5

Dipping plants in paperclay slip. The beginnings of a horse – joining bone-dry sections of paperclay to gradually build up a form.

1 9

The trusty hot air gun, drying the walls of a slab house. Dry and assembled with p/clay slip.

21 20

Anna painted one (bone dry) wall with p/clay slip, viewed through the window.

7 12

Bone dry extruded ‘squiggles’ ready to be assembled onto the base. Dipped twigs drying in florist’s oasis, ready to be dried with the hot air gun.

11 17

Penny drying a sheet with both hot air guns! Drilling through a thin sheet of porcelain paperclay… incredibly strong.


Above; drilling large holes into the base ‘stones’, ready to take the bone dry tall porcelain wavy fronds (below).

14  22

19  16

The completed horse. Clothes dipped into paperclay slip.

15 8

Drilled textured ‘seam’ sections, to be sewn together once fired. The pages of the book.



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