Paperclay at the Brewery Arts

Some fantastic and inspiring work-in-progress images from the most recent paperclay masterclass at the Brewery Arts in Cirencester. Some fantastic pieces that pushed what can be done with paperclay – paper thin sheets, joining bone-dry clay, cutting the clay with scissors and adding inclusions:

1 2

Above: Working with paper-think sheets

3 4

Above: marking and cutting elements for a jewellery piece.

5 9

Above right: adding inclusions to a test slab (seeds, plant matter, beans etc) before coating in paperclay slip and partially sponging away.


7 8

Above: impressing leaves. Applying cobalt oxide onto bone-dry & unfired paperclay.

20150529_143541 20150529_143624

Above: think sheets. Figure assembled from dry elements.

20150530_111353 20150530_163113

Above: cookie cutter dry parts ready to be assembled. Oxide easily applied to raw clay.

20150530_150643 20150530_151419 78

Above: Combination of dipped twigs, extruded forms and slabs.

20150530_151357  20150530_163059

Above: Dipped twigs and seed heads combined with dry slab forms.

20150530_163205 20150530_163215

Above: paper-thin embossed sections making interesting pierced sculptural vessel forms.


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