Imprint, trace and track – place


A wonderful week teaching ‘Wild Casting’ at Penmeiddyn in west Wales, working in the studio and casting directly outside in the landscape. The weather held all week enabling us to explore the domestic grounds of Penmeiddyn, the cultivated agricultural land surrounding and, on the third day the wilder shores on the beach at Aber Bach and Aber Mawr.

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The group of 6 participants were all highly skilled, experienced artists, although the course would also be suitable for those with just a little experience in casting or mould-making. We examined the theory of casting and trace, touching upon philosophy, land art and body art as well as the basics of what casting is and how it can translate into other mediums. The work made was a mixture of conventional casting of objects and surfaces in clay, plaster, alginate and latex and more experimental work including exploring how the body could be cast into the landscape, the memory traces within the land, mark making and transfer, performative and collaborative work.

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The teaching was hugely supported by the fantastic environment of the studio at Penmeiddyn and by Sue and Simon’s hospitality and Sue’s wonderful vegetarian and organic cooking. With not much else to worry about, the participants were free to spend each day focusing on exploring their ideas and making work. The discussions about art, life and everything In between continued over dinner and late into the evening…


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