New courses and workshops!

Ceramic sculpture… paperclay masterclasses… paperclay lanterns and books…

cath graham paperclay

This Autumn will be busy, with three workshops planned at the New Brewery Arts in Cirencester. The first of these will be a two day paperclay masterclass, for those of you with some experience of working with normal clay and who really want to get to grips with this amazing material. (Image above: work by Cath Graham). We will be exploring the properties of paperclay, learning methods that turn the rules of working with normal clay on their head!

4P1070663After that, in November, i’ll be running two short workshops, one day tasters of working with paperclay. Come and make a beautiful translucent porcelain paperclay lantern to brighten up the day winter days. Using delicate porcelain sheets you can make a tubular or square lantern using a special window technique developed to allow as much light through as possible, using delicate textures such as leaves and seedheads or embossing with stamps and found objects.

Or try a brand new workshop in which you can combine letters, stamping , printing and pierced work in a unique paperclay book. After planning they layout of your book and choosing words and images to fit, roll out fine sheets of paperclay, impress, pierce and emboss with a variety of materials and tools. (Image: work by Hazel Moyes)


Both of these workshops will give you a brief taste of working with paperclay, enough to get you hooked!

paperclay masterclass 27th and 28th October 10am-4pm

paperclay books 7th November 10am-4pm

paperclay lanterns 21st November 10am-4pm

And of course I’ll be teaching my weekly ceramic sculpture class at Stroud College, Mondays 3.30-6.30pm, incorporating paperclay, sculptural techniques, theory and every now and again a little bit of a challenge to keep everyone on their toes!

Ceramic sculpture term starts Monday 6th October, 3.30-6.30pm.

For more information please contact me by email


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