First of the Autumn workshops… Paperclay Masterclass

Here’s a workshop for those of you who really want to get your teeth in something new! I’ve been running two day Paperclay Masterclass a few times a year for the last five or six years and each time it fills up. This is because Paperclay is still a fairly new material in the ceramics world and also because it is so different to normal clay that people tend to  need the extra guidance and many come back for two or even three courses. Saying that, this ‘Masterclass’ shouldn’t put anyone off, it’s suitable for anyone with a fair knowledge of ‘normal’ clay. As long as you’re familiar with the usual rules of working with clay, you’ll be able to break them all with Paperclay!

Basically Paperclay is clay with added paper fibre. This fibre gives the clay some pretty marvellous qualities and properties and enables you to make some amazing work that would be pretty much impossible with normal clay. The two day workshop at the New Brewery Arts (including a delicious lunch on both days!) gives detailed and quite intense introduction to Paperclay, covering all aspects of building, joining, mixing clays, Paperclay armatures, additions and inclusion and also firing. Everyone is encouraged to really push the material and do something they haven’t done with normal clay.

P1070897  starfish - 1 (1)

Whilst the focus is on sculptural work, many students use the qualities of Paperclay to make some really beautiful functional work like paper-thin, translucent lighting. Each student is given an good amount of porcelain Paperclay and a grogged (sandy) paperclay to explore how each can be used, and there is more clay available at the end to buy and take home. All the work is high fired to stoneware to make it durable and easy to transport home a few weeks after the workshop.

Photo0274 DSC01376

If you think you’d like to know more or take part then email me, or contact the Brewery Arts

20150706_140911  cath graham paperclay


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