The Paper City Alphabet (by Matilda)

And finally, inspired by the Paper City workshop and the exhibition ‘Tales of the City’ at the Museum in the Park last month, Matilda (who is 12) came up with a whole paper city alphabet! I’ve added some other suggestions in brackets that were also in the city…

A Arrow on a road sign (also airport, aeroplane and animals)

B Birds (also a barbers, bricks and bridge)

C Car (also castle, churches, city farm and camp fire)

D Dog (also docks, dome and doors)

E Electricity pylon

F Fish sign on the Fishmongers (also fire station, factory and futuristic village)

G Greenery (also graffiti and gardens)

H Hat (also high-rise buildings)

I Ice in the fishmongers (also ice-cream stall)

J Journal (also jet plane)

K Kevin, a musician on the bandstand

L Lake (also library and look-out tower)

M Monkey in the zoo (also a Mosque, museum, memorial and mountain)

N Newspaper (also newsagents)

O Orange Juice for Kevin, the musician on the bandstand!

P Phone box (also pavement, protest sign and picket fence)

Q Queue of people for the phone box

R Road (also rocket, railway and roofs)

S Shark in the harbour (also a stadium, street lights, skate-park and schools)

T Tadpole in the lake (also tent, trains and tiles)

U Umbrella (also university)

V Vandalism (also veranda and vehicles)

W Whale in the lake (also warehouses, woollen mill and waterwheel)

X Xylophone (for the band on the bandstand)

Y Yellow lines (also yacht)

Z Zebra crossing

alphabet images

As you can see there was some wildlife in funny places and some interesting cultural happenings in the city whilst Matilda was there! Someone even made a certain fast food restaurant with very familiar looking arches…




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