Student Focus – Ceramic Sculpture

Still looking at students’ figurative work… Jenny B has a unique way of working and a unique style. Her heavy figurative pieces are distinctively textured and tooled, and each has some features individual to Jenny such as the cut off hands and feet or angled thighs. Most of her figures sit on some sort of base and appear almost carved out of (or merging back into) the ceramic rock beneath them. Scale and proportion is wonderfully distorted, legs are huge, arms tiny and wiry, backs and chests flattened to allow maximum expressive mark-making. Jenny allows each figure to evolve as she chips at the nearly bone-dry surface of the clay, making the most of accidental breakages. The black and white figure (top) has been raku fired and the unglazed areas are a deep intense black from exposure to the burning sawdust. The blue figure is treated differently – Jenny (like Hatty in a previous post on this blog) often combines her love of painting with her ceramic sculpture and uses oil paint onto stoneware fired pieces.


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