Bird Migrations: The Inventors’ Studio revealed


The Inventors’ Studio at the Museum in the Park, Stroud developed the immersive, interactive environment workshops that Alison Cockcroft and I are exploring. For this workshop the characters of the inventors was gently introduced as a background to several work stations and areas between which participants could move as they liked with little or no direction or expected outcomes. The process started with an introduction to the idea of human flight and with an invitation to help investigate whether this might be possible, there was lots of information (some factual, some faux historical and some definitely tongue-in-cheek), the intention being to allow people to become comfortable in the space and interested in the ideas before settling down in whichever area they chose. Everything in the room was open to being altered, transformed and played with, allowing participants a sense of control and authorship to the whole environment.



Wing Mechanics:

Test Flights:

Wing Designs:


Making your own wings


And deciding what to take with you on your long flight


These wonderful suggestions were varied, ranging from the obvious ‘Yore (sic) brain’ to the helpful ‘parachute’ to the fantastical ‘dragon’, going via the very sensible ‘passport’ all the way to the poetic ‘perseverance’ and ‘patience’.
Thank you everyone, one day we might just take flight! Perhaps just not with these wings…




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