Summer workshops and courses

Fancy learning something new, exploring a new material or spending some time in a wonderful environment amongst creative people?

This summer I have plenty of wonderful courses and workshops to keep you busy, from a one day introductory workshop to a week long residential creative break…

Following on from the course i ran in the beautiful and inspirational Penmeiddyn in west Wales last year, i will be running two separate week-long residential courses there in June and August:

Course 1: 3-30 July 2016, Emily Joy – Traces and Tracks: Wild Casting 1. 

We have altered – and left traces of our passage on – the landscape around us for thousands of years. How can we better understand our place in the landscape, our effect on the natural world?

Working directly from materials, objects and source material in the grounds of Penmeiddyn  and the surrounding area we will explore the tracks, traces and evidence of time passing, growth and decay, and movement in the landscape, through casting with non-toxic and natural materials such as plaster, clay, latex, beeswax and alginate. Work could be developed in a process based manner or conceptually, by recording using sketches, rubbings, drawings, photographs or casts etc. On-site discussion, performance and actions are encouraged.  There will be in depth material investigation, practical support for all casting methods, the chance to refine rough casts made in the field into more developed casts and moulds from which single or multiple cast objects could be made. The aim of the week is to come away with a deeper understanding of direct casting, a series of moulds and casts from which to work or from which to draw inspiration, and a full sketchbook with broad source material. 

13-20 August 2016, Emily Joy – Traces and Tracks: Wild Casting 2.

 This workshop is partly a continuation workshop following on from ‘Traces and Tracks – Wild Casting 1’, developing both the theory and the casting techniques introduced in the first course. It is also a course suitable for those with some prior knowledge of casting and mould making.

With support and structure, each participant will create their own brief for the four days, focusing on an aspect of casting in the context of our place in, and impact on, the natural world. We will also further investigate the casting and mould making processes touched upon in Wild Casting 1, looking especially at two part mould making, more complex moulds and combining casts.

Full details of both can be found at

August 6th – 7th Paperclay Masterclass

Meanwhile, for those looking for something a little shorter, perhaps an accessible and fun treat, I will be running two workshops at the fantastic Brewery Arts in Cirencester. The first is a two day Paperclay Masterclass, which runs every year and each year proves to be challenging, intense and deeply rewarding. Over the two days we will learn all about Paperclay and what this innovative material can do (including working wet on dry, joining dry, piercing and drilling, using paper thin sheets and making paperclay armatures), pushing the material to its limits so you can go away confident and able to develop your ideas further. The masterclass is aimed at anyone with a basic knowledge of working with clay. More details of these masterclasses can be found on this blog or under ‘paperclay’ in the main menu.

workshop costs and details at

September 3rd Paperclay Sketchbooks

And finally in September I will be running a one day Paperclay Sketchbooks workshop. We will look at the basic properties of paperclay in a more relaxed and fun way by creating an unusual 3d sketchbook that is both inspiring and beautiful. Use versatile paperclay to create thin but strong sheets of porcelain, covered with your own designs and text, ready to be laced into unique and sculptural porcelain books or displayed flat if you wish. We will look at the properties of paperclay and how to work with it, working with bone dry paperclay, basic printing methods, impressions and printing text, translucent windows and over-all design. A fantastic introduction to working with paperclay, providing you with a sketchbook of techniques and inspiration for future projects.

To keep you well fuelled, a delicious lunch from the Brewery cafe will be provided during both workshops. All work will be fired and available to pick up at a later date.

course costs and details at


For more detailed information about all these courses and workshops please contact me directly on



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