Wild Casting in the sun

This year’s Wild Casting workshop at Penmeiddyn in Wales was a wonderfully intense two days of imparting information, technical demos, talking at 100mph and making at, well, at least 500mph! All of this interspersed with long evening discussions around the dinner table, quiet moments casting on the beach with the sun on our backs and lots of Sue’s delicious coffee and cake to keep us going. Here are some images of the two days with Catherine, Sue and Simon…

Penmeiddyn is a place of abundant nature and wild spaces, calm spots within the oasis of the garden, a peaceful cool studio out of the sun and a warm love-filled farmhouse to retreat to.

Working within the garden and studio, casting trees and feet. The skin of the forest and feeling rooted from our feet. Tree burr cast framing the vegetable garden.

Casting on the beach, directly in the sand. Washing feet and washing cast feet. Peeling off the skin of the rocks. A close look at some of our finds. Mermaid’s purses, seaweed, stones, roots and crab shells.

Back in the quiet of the studio to think. An installation in two days, delicate leaves, a wealth of source material from which to cast, draw, write and print. Discussion, reading and planning. Sharing knowledge, bouncing ideas around and the time and energy to realise some ambitious plans. Nurturing, feeding and thinking.

Looking forward to teaching next year at Penmeiddyn already…





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