A little light – Paperclay Lanterns at the Brewery Arts

We’ve been lucky with the beautiful weather, but with Samhain (or Halloween) just around the corner winter is nearly here. What better way to create a bit of light in the darkest time of year than by lighting some candles in a beautiful hand-made porcelain lantern? Come and join me on the 12th November and create your own beautiful lantern (or two!)…


Come and join me and learn how to create gorgeous translucent and paper-thin lanterns which glow beautifully with a candle or light. This year I’ve been trialling some new designs including ultra-thin windows and lanterns with handles. These two lanterns have an attached base to hold the candle and a simple wire handle.

Here are some images of another new lantern with each of the four sides inspired by one of the four seasons…

And some details of the ultra-thin window sections… glowing beautifully by candlelight and showing imprints from feathers, oak leaves, string and thread, fern leaves, flowers and even a stretched orange net bag!

You can make such wonderful fine and translucent lanterns and lights with porcelain paperclay, achieving things that would be impossible with normal clay. Come along to the paperclay lanterns workshop on the 12th at the New Brewery Arts and learn the basics of working with paperclay including working with ultra-thin sheets, force drying, joining dry sections, drilling and piercing and assembling. The workshop is an ideal, fun introduction to paperclay and you get to make one or several lanterns that will be fired for you at the Brewery Arts.

The course runs from 10am-4pm and the price includes plenty of porcelain paperclay for you to make your lanterns with and take home, plus a delicious lunch from the brewery arts café.

For more information and booking please see http://www.newbreweryarts.org.uk/wpaperclay-lanterns-nov16



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