Happy Creative New Year!

Happy New Year to you creative people!

First off here are some images from Sue and Rita from the Paperclay Lantern workshop in December, of her beautiful finished lanterns (high fired and totally transformed from their raw clay state!)



Due to popular demand, I will be running more of these lantern workshops over the year and am hoping to be teaching in venues in and around Stroud for those unable to reach The Brewery Arts in Cirencester where I usually teach these.

The new term of Ceramic Sculpture at Stroud College starts this coming Monday, I’m looking forward to getting to know a few new students and supporting the work of the existing students. This year we have plans to exhibit out of the college in a public venue… more news about that very soon!

This term at the college the focus will be on surface and particularly on using slips to create interesting surfaces. Surface is always a challenge when making sculptural work as so often it is an afterthought. We’ll be looking at all sorts of techniques from scraffito (below) to printing, but all with a eye to how surface an form interact.


Keep and eye on this blog now, to see how the plans for this year’s teaching are coming together, from Paperclay workshops to participatory, immersive workshops at Easter, to new classes and other creative events; it’s looking like it might be a busy year already!







One thought on “Happy Creative New Year!

  1. Dear Emily,
    These lanterns are so beautiful! I WISH I could take this workshop with you but I live in the U.S.
    I was wondering if you can recommend the type of paperclay needed to obtain translucency? I purchased a cone 6 porcelain paperclay but while I was able to make them very thin, I didn’t achieve the translucency I was aiming for. Do I need to use a pure high fire cone 10 porcelain and add paper pulp to the clay body myself?
    Any info you can provide would be appreciated! Thanks-

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