Student Focus

One of my (many!) favourite pieces over the years was made by Pam. I don’t have favourites in terms of what a piece looks like, my involvement with the making of work is much more on a developmental and conceptual level. Pam was already working at a very high level and exhibiting work after degree and she came to the class before going on to complete an Ma, so my involvement was simply guiding her through some of the technical difficulties and poking her gently with difficult questions whenever she needed. Watching her develop her pineapple piece and then seeing where it and the documentation of the piece went was fascinating. Her work can be seen at

Pam created a deeply fragile piece by coating a pineapple in layers of Paperclay slip. once fired to stoneware temperature the pineapple inside had burnt away leaving a thin porcelain skin which sagged in the kiln. A wonderful metamorphosis through fire.


For more of Pam’s work examining the duality of permanence and impermanence, ideas of fragility, trace and time please see


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