Deep in the Forest…

…Lies a magical place!


This summer I’m teaching pottery to home-educated children at the Fireside Forest School in the beautiful Chalford Valley in Gloucestershire. Set on wooded slopes, the forest school provides children with the opportunity to experience metal-work in the forge, cook, learn about greenwood working and now pottery, as well as just about any wonderful and wild creative stuff and games they can think up! For more details about this special place click here.

“Activities at Forest School can include: Exploring Nature, Flora and Fauna identification, Tracking, Conservation, Coppice Regeneration, Woodland Management, Soft and Hard Landscaping, Den Making, Primitive Tool Design and Craft, Greenwood Working, Leatherworking, Charcoal Making and the Iron-age Forge, Singing, Storytelling, wind-chimes, Crafty Art and Plant Pigments, Whittling sticks and Bows and Arrows, Wood Carving, Wide Games, Camp Fire Cooking and Gazing at the Embers as it all settles gently into place…”

Here’s a little look at my ‘Pottery Palace’, what a truly wonderful place to work with clay!




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