Incredible Paperclay – a masterclass!


Ever wondered what a happy group of ceramicists looks like after two intense days of making?!

Here are some images of the Paperclay masterclass I recently ran at the new Craft@the Centre in Lansdown, Stroud. Although outside was scorching hot, inside the lovely spacious pottery we stayed cool and calm, even when working with paper thin sheets of Paperclay or when wielding the hot-air gun! Below are some work in progress pictures:

Above: some examples of work showing the extraordinary properties of Paperclay including paperthing windows in the cylindrical lantern and joining bone dry leaves to a bone dry support.

Above: small porcelain paperclay cylinders attached when bone dry to a cranks paperclay base. Experimental pieces with dipped wool. Large inclusions in cone shaped forms and a large spiral form with cut out tree silhouettes, force dried with the hot air gun whilst being formed into a spiral.

And here is the finished work!

Above: Bridget: The cranks Paperclay base had cobalt added to increase the contrast.

Above: Polly: ‘talking’ cone forms and several really experimental pieces inspired by a tropical plant. The top tree-like piece has a top section made from string which was dipped in porcelain Paperclay slip.

Above: I love these small pieces made by the group as a first exercise. They scored and snapped porcelain Paperclay sheets like you would thick cardboard or plasterboard, then joined with slip.

Above: Cathy’s lantern with exquisite paper thin windows for extra translucency.

Above: Beth really pushing what Paperclay can do by making thin porcelain fish forms then cutting them in half and re-joining  when bone dry with cobalt oxide-heavy Paperclay slip. These were then assembled into a precarious looking stack.

Above: Beth: Her fired spiral tree silhouette piece.

Above: Cathy’s unique house sign and Bridget’s lovely little pinch pot with slip resist.


Unfortunately this is the only image I have at the moment of Helen’s gorgeous lanterns she made for her son’s wedding, i’ll update with better images asap!



So much was learnt about what paperclay can do, in fact the images of finished work don’t reveal even half of the really important stuff – the making processes – which are what makes Paperclay so different to normal clay, so intriguing and so liberating. What a brilliant two days with an utterly lovely group!





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