Student focus – feet!

Caroline (Ceramic Sculpture class at Stroud College) has been developing her mould making skills with a body of work referencing the body and plants.

After making a series of detailed paperclay casts from rubber moulds (a long-winded process involving initially casting from her feet using non-toxic alginate and then casting these again as plaster positives before using latex to create the rubber moulds!)…

…She went on to glaze and apply decals (ceramic transfers) to the rounded surface of the feet. She knew that decals do not adhere well to rounded surfaces and was hoping to see some ‘burn off’ areas where the decal burns away rather than settles into the molten glaze during firing. Here are some of her images of the finished feet with decals of her own photographs of meadows and grasses, finished with butterflies.


You can see more of her other work here

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