Emily runs pottery courses and one-off pottery workshops for children aged from 5 years and up in the friendly, safe and inspiring environments of Lansdown Pottery in Stroud and the New Brewery Arts in Cirencester.

Pottery course at Lansdown Pottery

Emily runs 6 and 10 week pottery workshops for children at Lansdown Pottery in Stroud. These courses provide children age 5 and up a chance to learn the basics of pottery and explore techniques such as pinch pots, slab building, coiling, slip painting, glazing and scrafitto. The work is very much child led although themes and projects and suggested. The following images are pinch-pot animals inspired by the book ‘Goodnight Owl’ using slip sponging and scraffito on terracotta.

P1060722 P1060719

Photo0213  Photo1024Photo1017Photo1022  P1080083

Coil bowls with stamps and leaf impressions from plants found in the beautiful garden:


Workshops at the New Brewery Arts:

Emily also runs one-off, 2 hour clay workshops (such as the workshop flyer below) at the Brewery Arts in Cirencester, please see their website for further details, times and dates:

brewery flyers march 2013 inhab forms


Photo0310 tree

P1060864 P1060870

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